Suggested resources for World Cultures China Project:

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Books in our Library

306.095 LAT Pop Culture in China!
391 KEN Ethnic Dress
391 PEN Fashion, Costume and Culture (4 vol.)
392.5 MUR Weddings
394.1 NEW Food Culture in China
394.26 HEN Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World Dictionary
394.26 ROY Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia (2 vol.)
394.2695 MOE Chinese Feasts & Festivals: A Cookbook
613.7 CHI The Inner Structures of Tai Chi
615.5 Alternative Medicine (Acupuncture)
709 HOL Art and Architecture of China
709.51 S The Art of China
709.51 S The Art of Chinese Lanscape Painting
915 SH Shangai
915 SI The Silk Road
915 TI Tibet
915.04 DEV The Traveler's Guide to Asian Customs & Manners
915.1 JO Journey into China
915.10 KNO Exploring China
915.124 TAI Taiwan
950 COB Asian Civilizations
950 KOR The Handbook of East Asia
951 BEH China in Pictures
951 EB Cambridge Illustrated History of China
951 CAR China Past-China Future
951 ERL China: Land of Mystery
951 LAF China: A Global Studies Handbook
951 MA The Land and People of China
951.05 ARN In China
951.05 B China
951.05 CL The Heart of the Dragon
951.05 Co China Today and Her Ancient Treasures
951.05 CON The Contemporary Atlas of China
951.25 FYS Hong Kong


Gale Virtual Reference Library (pick-up a password sheet at the library to use this from home)
There is a great ebook reference available - Countries and their Cultures. You will find it under Nations and World.
Search by keyowrd, table of contents or index.
POWER Library- Student Research Center or OmniFile Mega
World Book Advanced
ABC-CLIO World Geography

Use this Google Custom Search to search various China websites at once!