The following sources are to support Mrs. Gomez's assignment, King Lear: Multigenre Character Study


Student Resource Center - (from home, access code is needed! HINT: look at end of URL)
1. Click on Advanced Search
2. Put in keywords for search (ie: "King Lear")
3. Limit results by: Critical Essay

POWER Library's OmniFile Mega - (from home you will need to go to and use a public library card and PIN #)
1. Put in keywords for search
2. Limit to "Full Text Articles" and "Peer Reviewed"

POWER Library's NetLibrary - (from home you will need to go to and use a public library card and PIN #)
Note: Bloom's Notes -William Shakespeare's King Lear is a terrific source!
1. Put in keywords for search (ie: "King Lear" analysis
2. Select book which is relevant to your search query
3. Use the Table of Contents or "Search this econtent" feature to find particular character


Absolute Shakespeare: King Lear Characters Analysis
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Early Modern Literary Studies
Google Books: Select "Literary Criticism" on the left panel and then add search terms. (note: try Advanced Search to limit "Full View Only" and/or publication date)
Open Source Shakespeare - need to find the lines for a certain character? Use this database for specified searching by character.
Shakespeare's Character's Lear
Shakespeare: Criticisms of King Lear
Shmoop - Although this is NOT a resource for finding a critical article, it's a good overview of each of King Lear's characters
Voices of the Shuttle: Renaissance & 17 Century