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Check the 641 section for recipes using fruits and vegetables.

613.2 RON Encyclopedia of Nutrition & Good Health
613.2 Co The Columbia Encyclopedia of Nutrition
613.2 PIE Vegetables Rock!: A Complete Guide for Teenage Vegetarians by Stephanie Pierson
641.1 Gi You Are What You Eat by Sara D. Gilbert
641.1 Ja The Complete Eater's Digest and Nutrition Scoreboard by Michael Jacobson
641.1 Se Food and Nutrition by W.H. Sebrell & James Haggerty
641.3 Nu Food and Nutrition by Nancy Nugent
641.3 RIN The New Complete Book of Food by Carol Ann Rinzler
641.5 BAT Munchie Madness: Vegetarian Meals for Teens by Dorothy R. Bates & Suzanne Havala


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United States Department of Agriculture - My Pyramid
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