Books in our library

Be sure to check our card catalog for any books we may have on the author you are studying. In addition, you should be able to find some valuable information in the Biography section (920's).

Power Library

POWER Library is offered as a FREE service to us from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! You can access it through a school computer (click on the link above, or at home by going to, clicking on POWER Library and entering your Bucks County Library card number.
For your author study, the databases which are particularly helpful are:
Biography Reference Bank: "Links to biographical articles on over 470,000 individuals. Full text articles, abstracts and photographs are available from periodicals, feature articles, interviews, essays, performance reviews, speeches and obituaries."
Novelist: Find lists of books by authors, along with reviews, author biographies, and links to other websites about the author.
Contemporary Authors: A guide to many different authors including personal information, careers, writings, and a link to Google images for a photograph of the author.
Book Index with Reviews: Search by author to find book reviews from many different publications
NetLibrary: Search for ebooks on your author


Student Resource Center
Newsbank: Click on Start Search, and then Literature.


Voice of the Shuttle: provides various links to literature and authors
Internet Public Library - Author information, Literary Criticism and tips on finding information.
Bookwire: a guide to authors' websites
Author Webliography: an index of sources by author's name
Cartharton Authors: lists websites and works by author
American Authors: find books online by many American authors as well as bibliographies and link