You may want to watch the 22 minute Bucks County IU video, "History of the Atom": Animated “atoms” act out the
story of the development of atomic theory: that all matter is made up of tiny particles. Ask your teacher or librarian
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POWER Library

To access from school: click on the link on the Internet Explorer link bar. To access from home, go to, click on POWERLibrary and enter library card number.


This database has thousands of complete books available online. The following are just some of the titles you can access;
The Neutron and the Bomb : A Biography of Sir James Chadwick by Brown, Andrew P.
Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy by Stephen E.Atkins
Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors : Lives and Legacies : an Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World by Doris A Simonis, Caroline Hertzenberg.
The Who's Who of Nobel Prize Winners, 1901-1995 by Bernard S Schlessinger, June H. Schlessinger
To Light Such a Candle : Chapters in the History of Science and Technology by Keith James Laidler
Introduction to the Quantum World of Atoms and Molecules by Jens Peder Dahl, Bjarne Amstrup

Oxford Online

Many reference materials available such as dictionaries of various scientists

Biography Reference Bank

Extensive biographies and links to articles and book sources.


Search through various newspapers, periodicals and encyclopedias for information on scientists.



Student Resource Center


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Atom Builder, A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries , PBS Online
Elements and Atoms: Case Studies in the Development of Chemistry, Le Moyne College
The History of Chemistry, 1992 Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Atoms: by Takalah,
Atomic Theory I: The Early Days, VisionLearning
John Dalton
"Dalton's Atomic Theory", General Chemistry Online; Frostburg State University
John Dalton (1766-1844): A New System of Chemical Philosophy, Le Moyne College
Scienceworld: Wolfram Research
Niels Bohr
A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries , PBS Online
Resources of the Niels Bohr Library, American Institute of Physics
Niels Bohr; Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
Niels Bohr – Biography,
Ernest Rutherford
A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries , PBS Online
Ernest Rutherford: Atom Man, The New Zealand Edge
Ernest Rutherford; Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
Joseph John Thomson
J.J. Thomson, American Institute of Physics
Sir Joseph John Thomson: Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
Wolfgang Pauli
Wolfgang Pauli: Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
Wolfgang Pauli- Biography;
Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, School of Mathematics and Statistics- University of St Andrews, Scotland
James Chadwick
James Chadwick; Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
James Chadwick – Biography,
Henry Moseley
Henry Moseley; Scienceworld, Wolfram Research
Henry Moseley; Kiwi Web, Chemistry & New Zealand