Books in our library

Browse the section 700 - 709 for many selections on Art History.
We also have many books on specific art periods or artists. Use the card
catalog system or browse in the 700's.
And can always ask the librarians for help!

Websites and Databases

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The Artchive
A virtual art museum which has directories of different art periods

Artcyclopedia - many online resources on art!

Art History at Loggia

Art History Image Search: University of Wisconsin
Includes directory of art periods.

Art History: Resources on the Web
from Sweet Briar College's Dept. of Art History

Art Teacher on the Net

History of Surrealism
created by author, Monica Sanchez

The Impressionists- The Biography channel focuses on the main artists of the Impressionist era.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Timeline of Art History

Mother of all Art and Art History Links

WebMuseum, Paris: The 20th Century

Yahoo: Periods and Movements of Art History
A directory of periods and movements in Art History