“Animal Rights and Experimentation”

Books in our HS Library
174.4 RUD The scalpel and the butterfly: the war between animal research and animal protection
179 ANI Animal rights: an opposing viewpoints guide
179 HIL Animal rights
179 MC Animals in research: issues and conflicts
179 PR The animal rights controversy
179 RIG The rights of animals
179.3 AN Animal rights and welfare
179.3 ANI The animal rights movement
179.3 ANI Animal rights: opposing viewpoints
179.4 ANI Animal experimentation: opposing viewpoints
179.4 DA Animal experimentation: cruelty or science?


The following databases would be helpful in finding various articles and essays:

**Power Library** - Student Research Center

To access from school: click on the link on the Internet Explorer link bar. To access from home, go to Buckslib.org, click on POWERLibrary and enter library card number.

**Opposing Viewpoints & Student Resource Center**

Look for the key words ‘Animal experimentation’ and ‘Animal Rights’


Webpath Express is a resource provided by Destiny. Links will lead you to a list of sites applicable to your topic.

Webpath Express – “Animal Rights”: **http://destiny/cataloging/servlet/presentwebpathsearchresultsform.do?headingNumber=3158**
Webpath Express – “Animal Rights Activists”: **http://destiny/cataloging/servlet/presentwebpathsearchresultsform.do?headingNumber=6972**