African Art


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709.6 LE The Art of Africa
709.6 Tr African and Oceanic Art
391.4 The Art of African Masks
960 Da African Kingdoms
960 Ko The Kingdoms of Africa series
960.2 Ko The Kingdoms of Africa series
960.7 Ko The Kingdoms of Africa series
960.9 Ko The Kingdoms of Africa series
960 Peo Peoples of Africa


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Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
Art and Oracle: A Scholarly Resource of African and Rituals of Divination - Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Africa Guide
Tribes (Peoples) of Africa
African Masks - African Studies Center from the University of Pennsylvania
Michael C. Carlos Museum
Africa Direct
Africa and More
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning, Baily Art Museum, University of Virginia (Click on “The Exhibition”)
Traditional African Art
The Art Institute of Africa

African Crafts Online -
African Art Museum -

ABC=Clio World Geography -
This subscription database has a section on sub-Saharan African art.